Meet Your Dietitian

Hi, I'm Ayten Salahi

I help ambitious women like you conquer IBS & get back to living an energized, symptom-free life

I know I can help you, because I've been there

I designed the Plant-Based IBS Master MethodTM to provide the level of trustworthy support & efficient step-by-step guidance I wished I had throughout my own IBS journey.

And the positive impact it's had on my clients to-date has truly been a dream come true.

But let me back up a bit.

It took me over a decade of silently suffering with IBS symptoms before I found relief, & there's no reason that should be your story. I'm sure you've been there:

  • getting the useless, outdated handouts at the doctor's office
  • feeling completely dismissed & deflated after a medical visit
  • desperately trying pricey supplement recommendations that do nothing
  • endlessly researching cookie-cutter elimination diets & online trends that offer even a glimmer of hope for potential relief

Sound familiar?

I felt stressed, dismissed, & overwhelmed by the complete lack of support & guidance I received in my medical visits. Without adequate help, I turned to Dr. Google and made the mistake of falling down the cookie-cutter elimination diet rabbit hole with no relief whatsoever. What I really wanted was to feel empowered with knowledge of how to manage my symptoms & free to pursue my aspirations, without the constant gut discomfort.

Eventually, I took matters into my own hands & applied my decade plus experience in neuroscience, psychology, & research to become a practicing, GI-focused dietitian. I finally gained clarity, control, & confidence over my symptoms – & so can you.

The only difference? I sought out the best medical nutrition training in gastroenterology that the world has to offer, so you don't have to.

Simply put, I believe you deserve better

It pains me to say this as I know there are so many wonderful IBS providers out there, but I can't even tell you how many times my clients have told me they felt completely dismissed by their healthcare team. You know the classic lines:

  • You're fine - it's just IBS.
  • IBS isn't a real diagnosis!
  • You just need to relax.

About a decade ago in my own journey to IBS relief, I was actually told: "Well, I could diagnose you with IBS, but no one will take that diagnosis seriously." Um - excuse me?

The truth is that nearly two-thirds of all people with IBS are women, and our pain and discomfort is far too often cast aside as "acceptable."

So rest assured: you deserve to be heard, to receive better care, to fearlessly enjoy food again, & to live an energetic, symptom-free life on your own terms without constantly battling your IBS. With trustworthy guidance, step-by-step implementation tools, a science-driven method, and a fellow IBS sufferer who cares deeply about your success, we can finally eliminate the guesswork, gaslighting, & wasted time from your pursuit of IBS relief.


You should know...

  1. As an inclusive dietitian, I believe in striking a harmonious balance between the best available research, your body's innate wisdom, & cultural health practices that hold special meaning for you.
  2. We will never - I repeat, never - needlessly eliminate foods from your diet without a strong hypothesis as to why. My goal is to get more foods back on your plate, not the other way around.
  3. I am a firm believer in intentionality and designed Aysa Nutrition as an intersectional nutrition practice that integrates world-class nutrition for digestive care with eco-conscious lifestyle practices, anti-racist philosophies, and health-at-every-size methodologies..
  4. You do not have to cut out your favorite cultural foods, flavors, & spices to achieve IBS relief. In fact, to make lasting nutrition changes, the food has got to taste good!
  5. An integrated approach to IBS is the best approach to optimize your relief. This means we'll be working together to assemble your IBS care dream team to collaborate on getting you to your symptom-free life!

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